Recent Press

Western City

Western City, March 2011

Why Now is a Smart Time to Consider Updating Your General Plan

"The economic downturn has provided a new opportunity for local governments to focus on their general plans..." (See resources at the end of the article)

Environmental Monitor

Environmental Monitor, Winter 2011

Reinventing the General Plan: Initiating a Second Planning Revolution for California Communities

"... For without comprehensive visions, our communities will continue to be one step behind the latest crisis, and their citizens and environments will suffer as a result. Instead, we must look for how we can reinvent it, restoring and even expanding its potential to provide a well-considered, sustainable, and bold vision for the future of California’s cities and counties..."

Planning Magazine

Planning Magazine, December 2010

Media Notes

"The California Planning Roundtable believes that the long-range comprehensive plan is the most effective tool for dealing with the significant new challenges that face cities and counties in the state — and the country..."

California Planner

California Planner, Sept/Oct 2010

California Planning Roundtable Launches a Reinventing of the General Plan: An Ambitious and Interactive Project of the CPR

"The General Plan, California’s most fundamental local long-range planning document, needs to be reinvented..."

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